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Marketplace Platform

MGP Mall Marketplace is an ecommerce platform. We have products from many business groups that have joined us as partners by using MMS Cash as a medium of payment on the platform. MGP Mall has compiled each category of products to facilitate the search for products. Convenient and secure payment The system will connect to Wallet and press to pay automatically. just a few steps And every transaction made through MMS Cash will receive a 10% discount on every transaction. The procedure is easy to use. Press to pay for the product, connect to the wallet, press to confirm the payment. Verify transactions via blockchain, convenient and secure.
🚀 Fast Transaction Convenient and secure blockchain transactions with prompt transaction verification.
📍 Low trading fees Low transaction fees compared with other payment methods are stable and secure.

Product 24 category

  • Men’s & women’s fashion
  • Food supplement
  • M Coffee plus
  • Fertilizer
  • Toothpaste & soap
  • Other

MGP Mall Target

MGP Mall Step - by - Step

  • Go to platform, Select product
  • Add product to cart
  • Process payment
  • Connect wallet
  • Pay MMS Coin 70% + MMS Cash 30%
  • Enjoy shopping
Partners join MGP Mall accept MMS Cash payment
Products and services are displayed in the MGP marketplace
Use MMS Cash as a payment method for the product & service payment
Receive products and services with impressive service

Process payment MMS Cash

The MCASH price will be quoted with the current time value of the MMSC. And can be exchanged on the DEX board that the company has built to support the exchange between MMSC and MCASH