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What are NFTs?

NFT (Non-Fungible-Token) is a new, innovative building block of the digital world. Anyone can issue digital content, like JPEGs & GIFs, with a “new format” called NFT which is recorded on a public blockchain network.What makes NFTs different from other digital formats is that ownership transfer of an NFT is recorded on public blockchain networks, which are transparent and unchangeable. Moreover,
the NFT creator’s blockchain wallet address is an inherent aspect of the NFT. When an artist creates an NFT using his wallet address, the address is attached to the NFT like a “digital signature.” NFTs can be transferred easily from one user to another. The user with a wallet that holds an NFT is the owner of the NFT. All the transaction history is recorded and transparent in the public blockchain network. While Ethereum is the most popular NFT creation blockchain at the current time, most public blockchain networks support NFT creations. TomoChain is used by large entertainment companies to create digital content NFTs for their fans, especially in the Japanese market, due to its low-cost, high transaction speed, and non-crypto-user friendliness. In addition, TRON and EOS are popular especially for gaming application NFTs with their speedy transaction capability.