MMS Cash Docs
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How it works

The disadvantage of international transfer payments is the high cost. especially in the fee section This makes traditional international money transfers less popular.
MMS Cash we are a marketplace platform, payment getaway platform, staking APY platform, Team select binance smartchain build type BEP-20 tokens on the most stable network. This network guarantees superior speed and lower transaction costs on the network.

Marketplace Platform

MMS Cash use payment on MGP Mall marketplace platform.


STEP 1 : Go to MGP Mall marketplace select the desired product category. choose a product to buy
STEP 2 : Select product on MGP Mall and add product to cart
STEP 3 : Connect Wallet & Pay. after adding the product to the cart member must prepare MMS Coin + MMS Cash in wallet. Can trade wallet in exchange
STEP 4 : Complete shopping

MMS Cash Payment

Fast Transaction Convenient and secure blockchain transactions with prompt transaction verification.
Low trading fees Low transaction fees compared with other payment methods are stable and secure.
100% Security Team has designed a system that is the most secure. to increase user confidence
Exchange Support We have an exchange support for Dex exchange and Central exchange systems.


MMS Cash APY is the annual percent yield that reflects compounding on interest. It reflects the actual interest rate you earn on an investment because it considers the interest you make on your interest.Consider the example above where the $100 investment yields 5% compounded quarterly. During the first quarter, you earn interest on the $100. However, during the second quarter, you earn interest on the $100 as well as the interest earned in the first quarter.